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Our hands are precious and powerful. We use them every day and still, they rarely get the credit or the treatment that they deserve.

One of the first things to age is our hands. Do these lines and wrinkles worry you about appearing on your face? Nah … it’s your hands that they’ll come first! And we continue to use and abuse them – we wash them all the time, which clears the skin and nails of their natural oils, then we suddenly realize that we have “old hands” and that’s too much later!

Now we are not a second to tell you not to wash your hands (horror!). We say, however, that you should treat your hands and nails very carefully.

Here are our 10 best tips for the care of hands and nails to keep these beauties in beauty.

  1. Moisturize! Invest in a good quality organic hand cream and apply it twice a day to really rehydrate your skin. Keep it plump and supple, eliminate wrinkles. Apply cuticle oil, preferably containing jojoba oil as the main ingredient, which has properties very similar to those of our skin oil (called sebum).

  1. Gently push your cuticles to release the edge of your nail plate. Do not press too hard because you could damage your bed of nails – just gentle enough to lift them slightly – this will speed up the growth of your nails and help you keep the dry parts of your cuticle that are overgrown from a distance or dry (and remember that cuticle oil!).

  1. When nailing your nails – use long, controlled movements and never file in one direction! Manual sawing divides the layers of your nail. This can also send reactions through your nail to the nail matrix, which can cause ridges and ripples in your nail as it develops.

  1. Wear a fabulous manicure to polish the gel? DO NOT PEEL IT OFF! You peel off the top layer of your fingernail. That’s why, under your nails, are dry and cracked. Have them removed professionally or learn how to do it properly at home.

  1. Never forget to use a base coat. It’s like the underwear of your manicure – do not leave without it! A base layer helps the nail polish to adhere better to the nail plate, it prevents your nails from getting soiled AND quality products such as our base layer ‘BedRock’ are enriched with nourishing and/or fortifying properties.

  1. After each coat of varnish, gently rub the edge of the nail tip to “comb” the nail, to prevent premature peeling and peeling of the varnish. Two or three thin layers of varnish are better than one or two thick layers. You’ll have more control and the layers will dry much faster if you apply a few very thin layers to enhance the color.

  1. Just like the base – you should never forget a topcoat. Not only does it seal your manicure by preventing it from peeling off and making it last longer, but it also adds a glorious glow and really brings out the glitter from the polish (if any). Of course, you can always use a matte topcoat instead if you do not like the gloss. It’s been 3 or 4 days and your nails are getting bored? Reapply your topcoat. Yes really! It will prolong the wear of your nail polish for a day or two and illuminate your manicure.

  1. NEVER break your nails to “help” dry them. There is moisture in your breath that will only slow down the drying process … and you will only dry the top layer to end up with dents or scratches on the polish because you think you can continue. Air drying is always preferable. Wait 2-3 minutes between each layer before applying the next layer to allow them to dry. This will also prevent the next layer from stretching, as it will have a clean, dry surface to adhere to.

  1. Your nails are jewels and not tools! Whenever possible, do not use your nails to pick, scrape, open cans or work with delicate items. Treat them with care and use the appropriate tools instead. Do not bite, do not take and do not take! We know it’s tempting if you have lost skin or nails – but grab your nail file or cuticle tweezers to cut the stray ends and, for God’s sake, leave your nails alone!

  1. Your nails and your skin are the most fragile when they are wet – resist the urge to pick and stick in the shower or bath. Do you have a hangnail that you can see? Wait until you are out of the bath and your hands are dry before cutting. Nipping or pulling the skin around your nails when they are we will be so painful when they dry. Always start painting your nails with your non-dominant hand FIRST. You have more patience when you start and you will not have wet polish on this hand to smear it. You just have to try this one to believe us. This is the way to go.


Choose an organic hand cream, non-toxic and therefore better for health. There is absolutely no need for harmful chemicals in the polish (or even in cosmetics!).

Following some simple tips may be enough to keep your hands beautiful and give your manicure a completely finished look.

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