5 Ways to Use Coffee as Your Beauty Regimen

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Studies have shown that coffee is not just limited to that morning beverage one is accustomed to drinking. It’s actually more than that–it can also keep the body smooth, tight and youthful-looking! Coffee is also proven to contain antioxidants that protect our body from radicals in our environment and prevent the occurrence of fatal diseases. Indeed, drinking coffee has many health and beauty benefits to get from. But how do we apply and use coffee for our beauty regimen, you may ask? This article will discuss five proven and effective ways for that smooth and vibrant skin gaze.

Beverage The most famous way of using coffee for beauty purposes is simply drinking it. Coffee has been proven to contain many health benefits that at the same time stimulate our mind and improve mental performance. It is known to prevent the risk of heart-related illnesses, Alzheimer’s disease and the like, and act as an anti-depressant drink.

Most especially, coffee is proven to be a useful product for beauty regimen. During the mornings or the late evenings, sipping a drink of coffee increases protection of the skin due to the presence of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories in the caffeine, and also whitens the skin day by day.  Many products are available in the market today, including for example, the body beauty slimming coffee. Although most people see it as a simple beverage, beauty effects can also be extracted from drinking this “simply” drink! Face Mask Coffee can also be used as a face mask, both home-made and over-the-counter products. In most cases, however, people prefer to use the drink itself in making the face mask. While doing so reminds us of that morning cup we are used to drinking, it’s still used by many since it is considered to be an ideal face mask for almost all skin types.

 These masks are effective in lightening the skin complexion and tightening the skin to reveal a youthful look. The process of making one is as simple as ABC, so they say. Just get a handful of coffee beans and finely grind these. Then, one can start spreading the facial mask while massaging it on the face. Leave the coffee facial mask for around thirty minutes is recommended and while doing so, one also experiences that relaxing lay of the back with the scent of coffee aroma.

Body Scrub Another less known by the public, but the most used method of those experts in the Beauty niche is that the coffee which we usually drink is also an effective body scrub. Yes, coffee is an exfoliating body wash that promotes the same benefits like the other products. Coffee body scrubs are made from coffee grounds and it exfoliates the skin; remove the dead skin cells beneath to give way for newer cells to emerge, and then shows a softer skin. Coffee Body Scrub, however, is not recommended for everyday used but rather, around once a week or few times a month, although it would depend on the skin type and texture.

A coffee body scrub can either be received at home or spa salon. If one is looking for a thorough and better treatment, going to spas are suggested. If one feels better doing it at home, he might need to do a step-by-step process, starting with small areas of the body before moving to the whole body for the coffee scrub.

Coffee Pills Aside from drinking the Coffee, using it as a face mask or body scrub, coffee also comes in pills. There are many products in the market that sells beauty products with coffee as their main ingredient. The good thing is, these pills are approved by dermatologists and are all proven safe and effective. This way of using coffee may not be too pleasing, but this type of coffee product suits well to those who prefer a lesser time for skin care regimen, and those we don’t want spending time for the preparation. Same benefits like the rest can also be extracted from taking coffee through pills–only that, drinking coffee pills tend to be much easier and not time-consuming.

Coffee Lotion Coffee is also being used in the production of various skin creams and lotions because it is effective in promoting skin care and beauty. As mentioned earlier, coffee tightens the surface of the skin which will consequently reverse the aging process and produce an overall smoother skin. The most popular use of coffee is actually the eye creams because the eye is the area that shows dramatic results when applied. It reduces the wrinkle formation under the eye and smoothen the rough surface. Both home-made and over-the-counter, coffee lotions and creams are used by people worldwide to get that flawless skin without worrying for any harmful side effects.

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