Everyday Things That Could Negatively Impact Your Health


By John Nassivera

The information out there about what you should and shouldn’t eat or do during a workout makes it hard for people to not have an avenue to getting into shape and staying clear of harmful conditions. However, half of the work needed for good health comes from what you don’t do. It helps to know the things that you do and use throughout the day that can be a problem.

Some of these sources of bad health come from the way we eat certain food that is popular assumed to be good for you, while others are habits or required for our jobs. Our advice with changing the impact that these factors have on your well-being range from finding completely different alternatives to limiting your current use of certain items so that you can enjoy more of the benefits that they provide. This guide aims to show you everyday things that could negatively impact your health.

Sitting Too Much

Not having to move too much at work may sound like a good time and a chance to relax if you have a desk job. However, sitting for hours each day has long-term negative impacts on your health in different areas. First, there’s the back pain that can develop overtime because you are sitting for most of the day, as your spine benefits from your body not being in one position for long periods of time. This can also make your posture worsen as you get older, and it becomes hard enough to move around and accomplish tasks with as little pain as possible if you manage to have good posture. Sitting down for the majority of the day, whether it’s for work or just hanging out at home using your computer on your day off, grants you a better chance of experiencing complications such as heart disease and declining mental health. This is also due to a lack of motion and getting used to be stationary.

We advise taking a few breaks throughout the day to do some moving, whether that’s going for a walk up and down the stairs at your office every hour or going for a jog down the street on your days off so that you don’t spend the afternoon sitting in your bed on your computer. It could also help to take some custom surfing lessons in order to do something new and move around, even if it’s on the water.

Artificial Sweeteners

It’s a common assumption in the dieting world that low-calorie sweeteners can be a harmless replacement for more sugary snacks and drinks if you’re trying to eat healthier and trim down your waste. However, recent studies have found that consuming artificial sweeteners in soda and other products on a regular basis can put you at a greater risk of suffering from a range of health problems. You can also find them in candy and baked goods, which are hard to turn down whether you’re walking by a vending machine or going over to a friend or relative’s house for the holidays or a birthday party. Dairy products and canned food that we normally rely on to improve our health are also popular sources of artificial sweeteners. Gaining weight is the least of your problems, as diabetes, obesity and heart disease have an easier time entering your life.

Consuming these products could also lead to you having a bigger craving for sugar, which will defeat the purpose of whatever diet plan you have. To combat this, you’ll need to cut food and drinks with artificial sweeteners out of your meals so that you can achieve your fitness goals. This include finding other ways to cook food that you normally buy in cans, as well as limiting how many sweets you consume each week, though completely cutting them out of your diet won’t be completely necessary, depending on your health. This will lead also to more pleasant visits to professionals such as this New Brunswick dentist.

Diesel Fumes

Despite the promises that sci-fi movies from the 1970s and ‘80s made to us about what the future of transportation had in store for us, we have yet to find a suitable replacement for gas-powered cars to for long travels, whether it’s for traffic-packed commutes to work or road trips with friends and family. Traffic is bad for more than just your patience, as the diesel engine fumes from have proven to be just as bad for your lungs as second-hand smoke. Living near factories, power plants and other common sources of these fumes isn’t good for your ability to avoid lung cancer, asthma and other problems for your respiratory system. This can be an even bigger problem for infants, children and senior citizens, especially if they are already dealing with breathing difficulties because of their age.

Your best chances of avoiding diesel fumes is finding different forms of transportation, or perhaps consider living in a less polluting area, if or once you can afford it. Speak with professionals who can provide services such as myocarditis awareness and pulmonary disease treatment in Somerset, NJ to find tips for keeping your lungs in good shape. They may be able to provide medications to keep your lung in good health in the meantime while you find a long-term solution.

Wearing Crocs

Crocs have become a popular alternative to footwear for people who are looking for something new to wear with style while out with their friends and family at a party or night on the town. In addition to being available in a variety of colors that add to the style of whatever you’re already wearing, they can feel lighter and don’t require sox, making your feet feel free and able to breathe. However, research has shown that crocs tend to take away stability in the heels, with other problems including foot pain and toe deformities.

It’s best to limit the amount of times you wear these shoes, preferably for the weekends and your free time on warmer days, depending on if it’s warm where you live. You could also talk to professionals such as a podiatrist in Mentor, OH about what shoes help your feet and ankles. Perhaps changing the size of the crocs you wear to something that provides slightly more space can give your feet an easier time.

Using Smartphones

There isn’t anything that you can’t do to make work, school, weekend plans and other tasks throughout the day easier thanks to today’s smartphones. These gadgets come in handy for sending emails and assignments for work on time, as well as for when we need a replacement for a flatscreen TV to watch our favorite games. However, whether it’s for work or entertainment, using them too much can lead to a variety of health issues. Studies have found a connection between our dependence on smartphones with problems such as vision loss, trouble sleeping and chemical imbalances in the brain.

There are ways you can still enjoy the fun and convenience that come with smartphones in ways that diminish your chances of encountering these issues. You could limit your use to certain periods of the day preferably to the afternoon so that you can sleep easy and not harm your eyes by watching videos in the dark. Using your phone to listen to music instead of watch content could also be useful for workout out or doing work that doesn’t require looking at a screen.

Keep the effects of these everyday things in mind so that you can go about your day more confident in your health.

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