How Does CBD Enhance Gut Health and Digestion?


In recent years, cannabinoids have become increasingly popular medicinal remedies. CBD’s lack of psychoactive effects make it a suitable remedy to a wide range of people with a variety of health conditions, primarily due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Recent research has shown that CBD can effectively improve gut health and treat digestive issues. So, how can you use CBD to help enhance your gut health and digestion?

Why are gut health and digestion so important?

Hippocrates once said that “all disease begins in the gut.” A recent Harvard report showed that bacteria within the gut stimulate the immune system and break down potentially toxic food compounds. Gut health is extremely important within the health and wellness sphere, since maintaining gut health prevents a spectrum of other diseases. There are a surprising number of factors that impact gut health, such as high stress levels, not enough sleep, taking antibiotics, and eating processed foods.

Signs of an unhealthy gut are relatively easy to identify. If your stomach is regularly upset due to a high-sugar diet or if you experience unintentional weight loss or gain, it’s probably time to take steps toward improving your gut health.

CBD’s effects on gut health

If you’re suffering from symptoms related to an unhealthy gut or digestive issues, don’t worry — CBD has been shown to be an effective remedy. CBD reduces systemic inflammation by desensitizing the capsaicin receptor. This receptor triggers inflammation in the gut’s mucus membranes, which often creates a burning sensation.

CBD is associated with improving the type of immune process that originates from the gut. Research has found a significant connection between gut bacteria and the body’s immune system. CBD improves immune processes by suppressing immunological endpoints. In other words, CBD regulates immune responses to prevent the immune system from becoming hyperactive.

CBD can also reduce the severity of intestinal inflammation through controlling the neuro-immune axis. Enteric glial cells (EGC) are responsible for both acute and chronic gut inflammation. CBD controls the gut’s inflammatory response by reducing EGC activation.

Using CBD to improve your gut health

An easy way to incorporate CBD into your daily routine while ensuring that your gut health is kept in balance is to incorporate CBD oil into your diet. Hemp-based CBD oils are both accessible and medicinally effective. Filtration for hemp and CBD oil extraction will allow you to mix CBD into different types of foods, like smoothies. If you’re into cooking or baking, try searching for CBD-infused recipes or adding small amounts of CBD into your favorite recipes.

When you need fast-acting relief from pain and inflammation, you can vaporize high CBD cannabis. Vaporizing allows you to feel the effects of CBD quickly without experiencing the adverse effects of smoking. Similarly, topical products containing CBD quickly provide anti-inflammatory properties and are non-psychoactive.

If you experience digestive issues throughout the day, you’ll probably want to opt for a more discrete method of CBD administration. Alcohol and vegetable glycerin-based cannabis extracts, known as tinctures, are available in different concentrations of CBD. Tinctures are taken through a dropper directly into the mouth or can be mixed into food and drinks — they can even be made at home!

Since gut health is so important to your immune system and overall health, it’s essential to take steps to enhance your gut health. Improved gut health will facilitate digestion and help to prevent a number of other (often serious) diseases. If you’re experiencing symptoms of an unhealthy gut or digestive issues and are unsure if CBD is right for you, consider visiting a doctor that specializes in gastrointestinal care.

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